An intimate and  private, application-only 2 Day Experience for Emerging Thought Leaders And World-Class Businesses launching Top 100 podcasts unlike anything else.

Rather than leaving with an endless to-do list or just "content," you will leave with your entire podcast system DONE.
Why only consume content when you can implement with me side-by-side?
We all know the difference. 

The difference of working ON your marketing and business VS. IN it
The difference of "just learning" VS. application of knowledge 
The difference of talking about it VS. being about it

The difference is MASSIVE.

If you want a proven system for not only launching a Top 100 podcast, but building an audience filled with TRUE fans and NEW clients/customers and designed to make you the stand alone authority within your niche, The Podcast Your Brand™  2-Day Intensive might be exactly what you are looking for.

This process has been responsible for launching hundreds of Top 100 shows, has helped generated hundreds of thousands of dollars and has a proven track record working across various industries.
"I have been amazed at the level of feedback and engagement I have been getting from the entire launch and the show. Strangers and new customers are reaching out to me and sharing with me their struggles and pain points every single time I post a NEW episode!" - Sarah Larbi
Host of The REITE Club and Where Should I Invest
#4 and #17 in Investing Category via iTunes
This not your typical "event" where you take copious amounts of notes 
This is where you roll up your sleeves for 2 days and implement a system for your content marketing engine moving forward. For this year and beyond!
Exclusively For Emerging Thought Leaders And Business Owners
  Who are ready to establish their authority within their marketplace through launching a Top 100 podcast

  Who are ready to not only discover, but deploy a proven system to help them leverage their voice in their marketing and drive more leads to their business and brand

  Who are ready to have a community of "true fans" and ready to grow their impact and legacy

Host Of The Body Project Show | #35 Health Show on iTunes
Jay has this process that he takes you through and in the beginning you're thinking "oh my gosh this is a lot of stuff to do."

But then he tells you how to do it. 
What you need to do. 
And it's a step by step process. 
And I found that if I followed the directions and did what he said you would get results. Period. 
You (and up to only 15 others) will experience a no-fluff or filler, implementation experience that is custom designed by Jay and his team where he spends 
50% teaching and 50% implementing. 100% focused on EXACTLY on YOUR situation! 

You will be taken through his Podcast Your Brand™ framework, step-by-step and then be given the exercises, scripts and tools for you to model after.
By the end of the event you will leave with your assets created:
1) Given the complete launch sequence to hack the iTunes algorithm and rank your podcast in the Top 100 of the category of your choice.

2) Get you to develop and deploy a high-converting opt-in funnel to bring into NEW leads consistently from the show every time you publish

3) Leverage your show properly to deepen relationships with your community and maximize sales with existing customers 

4) Using the Content Generator™ to map out a quarter's worth of content in a matter of hours

5) Implementing your Dream Car Philosophy™ - ensuring your front-end and back-end is aligned with your products and back-end so you can monetize easily and more consistently

6) Staying relevant in the 2019/2020 conversation and becoming the go-to leader in your marketplace

And so much more!!
Do I Qualify?
Here are the basic requirements if you’d like to be considered...

  • ​You are sick of sitting on the side lines and not having a Top 100 podcast and a voice behind their movement/brand
  • ​You are a business owner and/or emerging thought leader who can benefit from having a Top 100 podcast and more leads 
  • ​You need to be able to move quickly…take action, deploy, implement, report back, engage etc...
  • ​You need to be prepared to invest in yourself and the success of your business.
  • Lastly, we have a strict no-douchebag policy. If you are not awesome, don't bother applying please. 
The Podcast Your Brand™  Difference
Many thought leaders and content creators can't evolve past a certain point in their business and brand and believe that pumping out MORE content is the answer. They tend to focus on the newest tactics and technical elements of content marketing and podcasting (what type of mic to get, how to properly interview, how to grow downloads, etc.). Not to say that these aren’t important, but it can only get you so far.

The true power of having a show is what’s happening beneath the surface. Not just the tactical elements, but the deep underlying strategy of social influence, human connection and specifically what I call your Dream Car Philosophy™

Podcasting without my "Dream Car Strategy™ " — is a waste of time that leads to frustration, and is the reason most other people do not monetize their content properly or build the right audiences. 
Always A Profitable Time...
If you do qualify and get accepted to join the event, here is my promise to you:

If at ANYTIME during the first day you don’t feel like the event is a worthwhile use of your time, you can stand up, turn in your materials and request a full refund which we will give you, and walk out of the room.

No hard feelings, no questions asked.

In fact, we’ll even give you $250 as recompense for your time, travel so that you can have a nice dinner on me. That way every interaction we have is a profitable one. Sound fair?

If by chance you DO get accepted into Podcast Your Brand Intensive, it will likely change your business and personal brand forever.
You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)
Do I need to have a podcast to make this work?
No, you do not. We have had attendees enter the room with shows and others that are just starting to put their show together. There is a specific design path for each attendee in the room. 
Who is this best for? What kind of business? 
This experience is designed for ANY business or personal brand that is looking to launch a Top 100 podcast, build an email list and community and generate leads on demand online

This includes information businesses, service providers, consultants, authors knowledge experts, professional services, and even personal brands. 

It is recommended that either the business owner and thought leader or the head of their marketing department attend.
How many people are accepted into each event? 
A maximum of 15 thought leaders, personal brands and business owners are allowed at each event to ensure Jay and his team can work directly with each person there.

Do I need to prepare anything before showing up? 
Nothing specific. But you will be sent an email with some hand-picked bonuses specific for you so you can watch prior to attending.
Will the event be recorded? 
No. These experiences are NOT recorded and not available anywhere outside the live 2 days.
 What if I have more questions?
Contact my team directly at support@thejaywong.com and we will be more than happy to get you sorted! 
Can I bring my marketing person or my business partner? 
Up to one business partner can attend for an extra nominal fee after.