Discover The Top 3 Myths (Busted) About Running A Top-Rated Podcast
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In this report, I will dispel the top 3 myths about podcasting and reveal to you the following:

  • Myth #1 - What microphone to buy that doesn't break the bank (and you will be shocked how little it costs...)
  • Myth #2 - How to launch your podcast without dealing with all the TECHY-STUFF! 
  • Myth #3 - How to leverage your credibility even IF you don't have any to land awe-inspiring guests for your show 
  • Bonus: The first step you need to do to launch your show (that most creators and messengers miss)  
  • And So Much More!!!
What Are Others Saying...

"Jay’s short compact guide was superb and immensely valuable. It forced me to review where I was at with creating my podcast and gave me greater clarity on the niche I should pursue.. Because of it, I shut down an old side of my business  and started building a project that I am fully in alignment with. I have had more success in the last 3 months than any previous business. I never realized how important it is to be aligned with what you do. It unlocks a whole new potential." 

- Jonny Deacon
Owner of MyDNAcoach

"If you need to a straight-to-the-point advice that can help you take your message in an uber powerful way through podcasting, this is THE guide for you. I was all over the place despite knowing I had some great value. This guide, though short and sweet, clearly developed from a long and committed effort by Jay to help on the most mission-critical issues you will face."

- Tuan Nguyen
(Chief Genie at Healthgenie Group and 3x TEDx Speaker)

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